Travel Question of the Month: How Do I Time My Flights to Tahiti?

June 28, 2022

We have a lot of guests planning their trips to Tahiti, and booking flights to Papeete can be tricky. Luckily, our travel experts know the ropes, and they’ve given us their input on some tips to keep in mind when you’re looking into air travel.

Flying into Tahiti can have its difficulties, because it’s a small island, with limited flights, and depending where you live, it can be a long journey. Flight options typically have travelers routing through West Coast airports like San Francisco (SFO) or Los Angeles (LAX), then traveling for at least 9 hours to Papeete.

We have Go Next guests flying from all areas of the United States, and sometimes from other countries. It’s possible that you’ll leave in the morning one day and arrive in Papeete late the next day. You should factor in an overnight stay during your travels.

With flight delays and the unexpected interruptions, the best way to ensure you won’t miss your cruise is by booking a Go Beyond with Go Next Pre-Cruise Program. Booking a Go Beyond Program is a great alternative to make sure you get into Tahiti early with time to rest and relax before your cruise departs. 

$699 per person, double occupancy; $899, single

      • 1 night at 4-star InterContinental Tahiti Resort & Spa or similar accommodations, with breakfast
      • Half-day Papeete tour including:
        Ancient Polynesian temple Arahurahu Marae
        Spring Garden of Vaipahi
        Faarumai waterfalls
        Arahoho Blowhole
        Polynesian cocktail and snack
      • Transfers between airport*, resort and cruise ship, with related luggage handling

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Tahitian Legends, Mar 27-Apr 6, 2023
Tahitian Legends, Apr 6-16, 2023

On your return home, flights depart either very early in the morning or late at night. Typically, if you travel to somewhere in the U.S. that isn’t on the West Coast, flights departing at night are optimal. These flights may have you arriving into the West Coast in the morning, so you’ll have all day for your flight options to your final destination.

If you haven’t booked your trip for 2023 yet, the time is now. From beaches to boats to bottlenose dolphins, start dreaming of the tropical paradise that awaits you in French Polynesia! 

If you’re traveling to Tahiti, consider these helpful tips when you’re booking your flights – for the ultimate care-free getaway. Happy and safe travels!

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