Go South Pacific

Flaming tiki torches under a starry sky, rum drinks served in coconuts, and grass-skirted dances await you as you cruise the South Pacific with Go Next.

The South Pacific is paradise on earth, if your idea of paradise includes pristine beaches, crystal blue waters with the occasional sea turtle flapping by, blue lagoons that are seemingly plucked right out of a movie, and lush rainforests where you’ll encounter rare birds that make your heart soar as high as they do. The region’s vanilla plantations are steeped in the history of the past, and the majestic waterfalls will wash your stress away. From the ultimate escape of Tahiti to the adventure of the Great Barrier Reef to New Zealand’s lush coastline, the South Pacific has something for every taste.

Go Next will make sure you take a bit of paradise home in your heart from your South Pacific cruise.

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