Clink, Sip, Cheers: Toasting Traditions Around the World

Clink, Sip, Cheers: Toasting Traditions Around the World

November 17, 2023

In every corner of the world, toasting is a universal expression that transcends cultural boundaries. As we welcome the excitement of a new year approaching, join us as we dive into the world of toasting traditions. From the southern tip of Africa to the enchanting islands of Greece, let’s explore the unique phrases and words exchanged during toasts in various countries. And who knows, armed with a few new phrases, you might have a new holiday party trick up your sleeve!

Australia: Australians say “Cheers!” while toasting with glasses of wine or beer, embodying the relaxed and friendly Aussie atmosphere.

Croatia: Croatians use the toast “Živjeli!” (pronounced zheev-yeh-lee) to wish for a long and healthy life while sharing glasses of wine or local spirits.

England: In England, a casual “Cheers!” is used during toasts, especially in a pub setting, where pints of ale are raised in celebration.

France: The French often say, “Santé!” (pronounced sohn-tay) when toasting, expressing a wish for good health as glasses of French wine or champagne are raised.

French Polynesia: In French Polynesia, a toast might involve saying, “Manuia!” (pronounced mah-nwee-ah) as glasses of tropical cocktails are raised, celebrating the island spirit.

Germany: In Germany, it’s common to say “Prost!” (pronounced post) before taking a sip of beer or wine, marking a moment of celebration.

Greece: Greeks say “Yia Mas” (pronounced yah-moss) when toasting or celebrating with glasses of ouzo or wine.

Iceland: In Iceland, when raising a toast, one traditionally says “Skal!” (pronounced skowl) while savoring a drink. There’s a myth suggesting the word’s origin ties back to Vikings who, in legend, would drink mead from the skulls of their enemies.

Italy: Italians use the phrase “Salute” (pronounced sah-loot-eh) to wish for good health while toasting with glasses of wine or Prosecco during meals and celebrations.

Japan: In Japan, it’s customary to say “Kanpai!” (pronounced kam-pai) before clinking glasses, expressing a wish for good health and prosperity as sake is shared among friends.

Malta: Maltese toasts might include the phrase “Evviva!” (pronounced a-vee-va) as glasses of wine are raised in celebration.

Netherlands: In the Netherlands, a toast might begin with the Dutch phrase “Proost!” (pronounced prowst) as friends raise glasses filled with local beers or Dutch gin.

New Zealand: Kiwis use the phrase “Kia ora!” (pronounced kee-uh or-uh) when toasting with glasses of wine or craft beer, symbolizing well-being and positivity.

Panama: Panamanians often say “Salud!” (pronounced suh-lood) while toasting with glasses of rum or cocktails.

Scotland: Scots say “Slàinte mhath!” (pronounced slanj-a-va), meaning “Good health!” when toasting with a dram of Scotch whisky, emphasizing the warmth of the occasion.

South Africa: In South Africa, a toast is often accompanied by the Zulu phrase “Oogy wawa” (pronounced oog-ee wah-wah), meaning “to your health,” while raising glasses filled with the country’s renowned wines.

Spain: Similar to Panamanians, Spaniards toast with the phrase “Salud!” while enjoying glasses of wine or sangria during social gatherings.

Wales: Welsh toasts include the phrase “lechyd da” (pronounced yak-ee-daa), meaning “Good health!” as glasses of whisky or beer are raised in celebration.

Whether it’s a heartfelt wish for good health or a simple “Cheers!” to celebrate the moment, each toast from around the globe reflects a shared joy and camaraderie that unites us all. From your friends at Go Next, we raise a toast to you this holiday season, wherever you find yourself on this beautiful planet.


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